Facilities Management

Duties & Responsibilities

We are the first point of service for all of your facilities needs. Whether you have a leaky faucet, an electrical problem, a cold office, want to report a tree down, or other multiple possibilities, the Facilities Management staff will evaluate your service request and determine how to best meet your needs.

The Facilities Management Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 400,000 square feet of 26 County-owned buildings and adjacent landscaping. Facilities Management works conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Department to maintain your beautiful parks and associated buildings.

Certified Staff

The dedicated staff includes professionals licensed for services related to heating and cooling, electrical, pesticide application, building security, carpentry modifications, grounds maintenance and more!


​The annual project and maintenance operations are prioritized based upon funding approved by the Board of Commissioners. Projects and/or scheduled maintenance requests are confirmed by the Director of Facilities Management.

Department Goals

  1. Provide excellent customer service by acknowledging and meeting the needs of our County departments, the associated divisions within County-owned buildings, and the public we serve.
  2. Provide a secure setting for the patrons and employees of Grand Traverse County through management of the safety and security programs.
  3. Emphasize preventive maintenance to provide protection of the physical assets owned by the taxpayers of Grand Traverse County.

Mission Statement

Facilities Management strives to maintain County-owned facilities in a manner that will protect taxpayers investment and expand facilities as needed to continue quality services to customers and employees.

Bid Opportunities

Grand Traverse County is currently seeking bids, proposals, or qualifications.