Travel With Us


The Senior Center Network provides seniors the opportunity to travel home and abroad with an extensive group travel program.  We work with various trip providers to plan adventures near and far.  We look to provide something for everyone with day trips and extended vacations.  Be sure to note the activity level for each tour as this is what defines required abilities on a tour.  

Life is a Journey

Dear Travel Friends,

Life is a Journey and when you make the decision to travel with our Senior Center, your Journey continues. In 1990, the Senior Center began our travel Journey under the very capable hands of Pat Thompson. Pat was our Program Coordinator at the time and had extensive experience in travel. She paved the way, set our standards and led us to what has become one of our most successful programs. When Pat retired in 2010, we continued our Journey under the very capable hands of a volunteer, Betsy MacGirr. Betsy has taken hundreds of older adults across town, across the state, across the country even across the world. Now, here we are going into 2017, nearly 30 years later and we have yet another fantastic Journey in store for you. We hope you will look through these pages and discover new destinations you've had on your bucket list or perhaps a place you've been before, that is time to be revisited. Whatever the case - we look forward to taking you with us on this Journey of a lifetime.
Our new tours feature exciting destinations, and many feature trains, the hot new trend that groups love. And there are tours that present exciting twists on well-loved destinations. We have filled our new brochure with many “ahhh” moments for you to enjoy.

We look forward to another exciting year! Join us and find out why so many of our travelers experience many “ahhh” feelings year after year on our journeys. Our travel program will take your breath away and you too will experience those “ahhh” moments.

Happy Traveling!