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Board of Commissioners

  1. Boards and Commissions Appointment Online Application

    Please forward your resume and/or supporting documentation using one of the following methods: Email Fax: 231-922-4636 Mail: Grand... More…

Commission on Aging

  1. Ask the Doctor
  2. Contact Us
  3. Newsletter Request/Address Change/Cancellation/Email Subscription

    Please use this form to sign up for our newsletter via US Mail, Change your address, cancel your newsletter, or to request an Emailed... More…

  4. Sports Registration Form
  5. Volunteer at the COA

    Volunteer opportunities at the Commission on Aging

  1. COA Newsletter Request

    Please use this form to have a newsletter sent to you via mail or email.

  2. New Client Application

    To Upload a New Client Application

  3. No Scam Zone Registration

    No Scam Zone Registration

  4. Volunteer


  1. Request for presentation

    Please use this form if you would like to request a presentation of Smart911 or for a public education session about 911.


  1. Name Change

    Name change form

  2. Remote Access Policy (VPN Usage Agreement)

    The purpose of this policy is to define standards for connecting to Grand Traverse County's network from any host. These standards are... More…

  1. Potholes Complaint Form

Parks & Recreation

  1. Civic Center Ball Field Advertising

    Advertise your business at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center! The Parks and Recreation Department is currently taking inquiries... More…

  2. Civic Center Facility Reservation Request

    Request reservation information, availability, and rental fees.

  3. Medalie Park Reservation Request

    Request reservation information, availability, and rental fees.

  4. Suggestion Box
  5. Twin Lakes Park Reservation Request

    This form to be used for requesting reservation information for Twin Lakes Park facilities

  1. Civic Center Ball Fields

    Please use this form to address facility needs regarding the Civic Center ball fields. Submitted forms will be directed to Parks and... More…

  2. Food Truck Inquiry Form

    Please provide the following information and a Parks and Recreation Representative will contact you as soon as possible.

  3. Reservation Feedback

    Thank you for your recent reservation with us. We hope that you would take a moment to give us some feedback.

  4. Twin Lakes Cabin Reservation
  5. User-Group Communications

    Please use this form to relay information to Parks and Recreation Staff.


  1. Fitness Event Reimbursement Form

    The GT Wellness Team will reimburse employees, through the payroll process, up to $25 per calendar year for registration fees in... More…