Information & Assistance


This list of companies, contractors and individuals is made available as a courtesy to our clients. The Commission on Aging is NOT responsible for any of the financial costs incurred or the quality of workmanship. Cost incurred for any work conducted will be the client’s sole responsibility.

The Commission on Aging does not endorse, recommend, warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the services or products provided by the vendors.

The Commission on Aging requires each vendor to provide copies of their business insurance on a yearly basis. If a company is required by law to be licensed, the Commission on Aging requires an annual copy of their licensing information. Lastly, when a company requests to be placed on the Commission on Aging's Information and Assistance listings, the Commission on Aging requires two professional letters of reference.

To find out whether the type of business you are interested in would require a license, click here to go to the State of Michigan website.  
  1. Car Repair
  2. Cosmetology
  3. Electricians
  4. Home Repair
  5. Hospice
  6. Housekeeping
  7. Lawn Maintenance
  8. Loan Closet
  9. Movers
  10. Plumbers
  11. Respite & Home Health Care
  12. Senior Directory
  13. Senior Housing Directory
  14. Senior Fitness Specialist
  15. Snow Removal
  16. Transportation

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